Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend photos

Here are some family photos that we shot over the weekend at my parents....
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rural days

On Friday Bridget Tiffany and local brother names Eliezar and I went to help a group in a rural territory that was getting served by the CO. We drove about an hour to get to a small town called Pueblo Nuevo and picked up the CO and his wife and a few others and then drove onward to Palagua where the group of 10 are at.
Sisters from Pueblo Nuevo.....I love them.
We went preaching first with the group, the territory is very fruitful! Pueblo Nuevo, the hall that takes care of the group has a massive territory. 80 communities, some have not been preached to in 20 years!
Coffee beans!
After preaching a local family had us for dinner....the area is extremely poor so it was such an amazing thing for them to do. It was a yummy chicken soup with tortilla.

Another local family hosted the meeting at there house. We did the cong book study and the CO gave a nice talk.

This is the brothers whose house we were at....Such an amazing story. Most of the 10 people in the isolated group in Palagua are his family. Him and his wife learned the truth 27 years ago by special pioneers. In order to receive his bible study from the special pioneers him and his wife along with there 11 children walked 7 hours one way to the town of Somoto where the special pioneers lived. All this was during a very bloody and dangerous war. At the time Jehovah's Witnesses were under ban. Amazing. To see this humble brother in a homemade wheelchair in his dirt floor house just smile and smile as the meeting was going on was just too much. I felt like crying the whole time! It was like being in a yearbook experience for sure!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Nicaragua trip part 3

So here is the last part of our trip - we made our way from San Juan del Sur (south Nicaragua) to Esteli  (in the north about 1 hour from the Honduran border)  and it was about an all day to start of with we HAD to stop by Tip Top the Nicaraguan fast food chicken stop.
Tita and Tito Tip Top

Our next stop on our trek to the north was a stop in our Mom and Tios old stomping grounds in Masaya to hand deliver some letters from our grandparents to family that still live here.
Friberg girls in Mom's old neighborhood

a quick stop in Ticuantepe to see where the old branch was

And ofcourse the gang had to try McDonalds in a 3rd world country!

drive thru

view from those in the back of the truck on the way to Esteli
 We made it late to the meeting but we were happy to be there....dusty and sleepy, but happy to be with the friends.
After the meeting we were so overly tierd that the only thing I remember is laughing and laughing....goodtimes
Sunday morning service!

Knocked out after preaching

Then after a little rest it was on to a near by waterfall

los chabalos

i love this picture!

the whole gang

our "paparazzi" photo

the water was COOOLD but fun

the walk back to the car

And for the last night we had to party it up good and dance as much as we could

In conclusion the trip was really great....although it was SUPER hard to say bye to everyone, I'm glad that they all had a chance to come and see what Nicaragua was all about. Maybe they'll want to come again? :) I hope so!
Hope everyone is well, Lynette